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On the basis of Tuna Aktif Sports Products and Promotional Products, which we established in 2010, our experience, which has emerged after 21 years of experience in the sports products supply sector; We continue our journey in the sector with the goal of being among the leading companies in our field by prioritizing the principles of quality products, real pricing and customer satisfaction.

We have been presenting our collection, which is entirely domestic capital and domestic production, to the taste of all domestic and foreign components of the Sports Sector under the "KREUZ, WINDSHIRE" brand, which we have created in order to win the satisfaction of our customers with the confidence of our quality power  in our products.

In addition to our collection of original designs created  by our own modelists, we also provide the production of special design products from our customers.

Our company, which has rapidly increased its investments with our confidence in our sector as of 2013,

The use of fabrics and accessories that offer high quality and ease of use by constantly following the rapidly developing sectoral raw material network in the production of our products is primarily one of our principles. Our new collection, presented to our industry in 2015, was prepared in line with this principle.

As KREUZ- WINDSHIRE, although we are a very young organization, we have become one of the leading companies in the domestic sector in a short time as a result of our appreciation primarily due to our quality, as well as we have successfully represented our country in many countries in terms of our exports, which currently covers 22% of our production

With the confidence of our new collection and our country's leadership in textile, our investments continue in line with our goal of allocating at least 50% of our capacity to exports by increasing our boarders in this area in 2018.

Our industry has made a name worldwide, leading all simultaneously with the brands "Digital Printing" completed the development in the production of products KREUZ, especially on this issue by providing ongoing daily 1000 production line in jersey remains the pioneer of its kind in Turkey. In addition to our wide pattern network, KREUZ, which produces Digital Forms with all kinds of patterns from our customers, has included Digital Printed products in its new collection.